Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gnass Inspired

Charcoal on 9x12 Newsprint. I stumbled on a book entitled, " Spirit of the Pose", by Karl Gnass; I never heard of such name before. It's a pretty good material. Very inspiring. Full of concepts on quick sketching that I could benefit. I like his style of drawing--carefree and instinctual, yet precise. Anyway, this book gives me an inspiration of getting back to the basics of quick sketching and learning it's philosophy. I checked out Gnass' website (http://spirit-of-the-pose.com/home.html), it has full of infos and I learned that he runs classes and seminars for a very reasonable price for a ton of info that you could learn (the steep tuition usually stops me from coming back). Have they heard of starving artists? Mr. Gnass conducts his classes and seminars, and are usually full. It's conveniently located as it's just around the neighborhood, the American Animation Institute at Lankershim Blvd.. They just started their spring classes. And if you live around LA, check it out.