Monday, September 28, 2009

Study of Glenn Beck

Graphite on 9x12 Canson paper. I could have drawn a straight face of my favorite tv and radio news commentator Glenn Beck, but I chose to do this because I find him very animated, entertaining, and passionate; and so I find this face more fitting. I got the lighting on this subject on both sides and I hope I defined it clear enough. The tone of shades on different areas is suppose to make justice of it's articulation. It's something more challenging; I did this for about an hour an a half. His show comes on the FoxNews Channel at 2 and at 11pm PT, and I have been religiously watching his show now that I'm on vacation. I've read his book, "Common Sense" and his new one, "Arguing With Idiots" will be next. If the current events and political bickering is not making sense to you, watch Beck's show. Lots of common sense. In this drawing Glenn is suppose to be grimacing with tears.