Friday, February 12, 2010

A Study

' Ink on paper. I found this interesting book, "The Artist's Guide to Human Anatomy", by a German artist, Gottfried Bammes. He believes that to get a better understanding in drawing a human body is to understand the structures of the skeleton, the function of the part of interest to help define the profile and form of the figure --he calls it "working from the inside". In his book he provided a step by step technique on how to see and tackle the problem and with over 200 illustrations from his students and other artists. It's a unique book of instructions that I thought it will be beneficial. I kind of skimmed the book and picked up a particular technique and applied it in the drawing above. See the contour lines I overlayed on the figure? I could even make the lines better if I get a more comprehensive knowledge of the bone and muscle architecture. It will help me likewise on defining the light and shadows.