Thursday, September 23, 2010

You might want to try this.

Graphite on tracing paper. This technique was shared to me by a fellow artist Dave Malan, whom I admire a lot of his great talent. You might want to try it too if your trying to improve in terms of likeness. The pic on the very top was my first attempt: I draw a picture of Matt Damon in freehand using a tracing paper; NO TRACING, please. The one next below it is my second attempt: I placed a new tracing paper on top of the first one and correct it by drawing a better one with new lines of adjustments. This should look better than the first since you are working on trying to capture the likeness of the figure. The one directly above is my 3rd and final attempt: I just repeated step 2 by placing a new tracing paper on top of the last one and made more adjustments. I was satisfied with the 3rd, so I stopped. It might take more than 3, 4, 5, or many more attempts till you're satisfied. It all depends on your level of skill, but definitely this technique will benefit anyone with consistent practice. This is my very first exercise, and I think it will help me a lot on trying to improve the way I look at a figure and getting it down to its likeness. Thanks again, Dave!