Friday, August 17, 2012

Paul Ryan

Charcoal on paper.  He's the VP nominee for Republican ticket on the 2012 US Presidential Race this November.  A Tea Party favorite. With his nomination it energized the conservatives around the country as they see him as a smarter pick by presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  As an economic expert and math wiz, he is more able to articulate more than anybody else on how to fix and reverse the tanking economy.  For the record, he was the one who came up with the Republican version of reforming healthcare (ignored by Obama) and the fiscal budget which was voted by the House of Representatives, but was killed by the Senate House just because it's a Republican budget plan.  The Democrat-majority Senate House could not come up with their own budget to compromise with the Lower House. Niether President Obama was able to lead both parties to meet and come up with a budget to give our economy some common sense of direction, nor he was able to come up with his own plan.  In other words, for 3 and a half years of Obama administration the United States doesn't have a budget plan. What difference would it make for the next four years of his re-election?