Thursday, January 24, 2013

Placido Domingo

Colored pencil in a Stratmore medium paper.  Upon reading Saper's book I thought of applying what I learn right away.  I wanted to use colors but not something like jumping into watercolor or acrylic, but I am more concern of the instant result of my own rendition. I have yellow and orange as my warm colors.  Blue and blue green as cool colors.  To soften the saturation, I use the color of interest mixed it with its complementary color - it's what Miss Saper calls "grayed downed".  There are some flaws I see like there's a bit too much of saturation on the side of the nose- it's facing the light. The sharp edge on the left side of the face should not be there since that is the cooler side of the subject. I was not sure what I did with the hair.