Saturday, March 16, 2013

Elvis Costello

Caricature in black and white charcoal. His birth name is Declan Patrick MacManus. Now who would name a baby with a name like "Declan"? Yeah, but he married the famous jazz singer/pianist Diana Krall on 2003. How cool is that! I still think he's too old for her; the guy was born on 1954!!! I honestly don't know how old Diana is, but she looks very young for him.

I started the day with a quick sketch in ball pen at around 4:30. I learned to love working way early morning, it makes me feel I 'm ahead of my regular time if I were to start the day like most of us do. Let alone I am out from work for a stay-in vacation. Anyway, after the study-sketch I decided to do a charcoal on him. I started with the linear drawing on toned gray paper, looking at my quick sketch I did earlier as a guide for exaggerations and on the other side is Elvis's picture as a reference for likeness. The size of the head, its tilt over the neck and shoulder, source of light comes to question at this stage.
Then comes the stage when I blocked the shadows from light. I was still trying to figure out the likeness of Elvis. His identity has come more revealing at this stage, and I was looking for little flaws. Often times a tiny bitty of a tweak could make a big difference. The trick here is to get away for 10 mins or so, then come back to it. For sure, you'll find something! I was tempted to outline the spectacles at this stage. I thought it might distract or inhibit my goal of capturing Elvis's identity. I decided that after I am done with the whole face, then I'll concentrate only on the spectacles. Regardless of when to do it, it will ruin the whole project if it is done wrong, so I had to be extra careful with it.

Next, at this stage I couldn't wait to tackle nothing else but the spectacles. I was like a receiver (football) with the ball at hand, my eyes on the end zone for a big touchdown! I knew already that the project is going to look satisfactory good with only one thing in mind- don't mess it up. And so I carefully prodded in with the ball safely tucked in arm,and swaggered everything in the way. There was a minor problem with its symmetry of the spectacles, but I let it go for a touchdown!
I hope my little graphic analysis with football didn't throw you off, instead you were able to pick up some helpful tricks. Happy drawing!