Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pastel #943

Soft pastel potrait of actress Julia Loius Dreyfus.

I was skimming by Chris Saper's book and there is this thought, not the first version I encountered, that striked me: 
"Paint many paintings. Paint everyday that you can. Maybe you'll like only a handful of the many you create. Success is made up of many small failures and the decision to challenge every one of them." 

Then I look at myself and the many stuff that I have made, it's true that only a handful of them that I like. But what's more satisfying about the whole thing is the many lessons I got from each of the bad choices I made. It's evident from my recent works that I have gone through a lot of improvement, at least to my knowledge. However, I also believe in good teachers,worth studying instructional books and DVDs to help me more with direction and speed up learning.