Saturday, May 23, 2015

#1k23 morning warm up.

Charlize Theron. Quick caricature in charcoal. Newsprint. 

Words to live by: 
"Take pride in how far you have come and have faith on where you intend to go." -Anonymous

I've made a lot of tweaks on this every time I stare at it. I may have to do it again and change the pic. ... There's one more flaw that I see. Darn. It wouldn't stop. 

I woke a bit late today-6:00 am, with a sore throat and a sore body. It's my day-off, and I thought I should do some artwork. I have to.  Just a bit of doodling, nothing serious, details and all that, and I end up with this pic above. Nothing completes a day-off without accomplishing an artwork(s).  

I didn't pick this subject, this is my entry for the "Traditional Caricature Art" contest at Facebook.