Saturday, January 2, 2016

#k45 /2015 collection

At some point of my life I diverted my focus away from my first love. I was young and I got the urge of validating myself with other strength and its limits. Then I thought of going back and did a lot of catching up. It felt like I got this map and know exactly where to go. It was long and arduous and it meant a lot of work and sacrifice. Until I came to hit the desert and don't know how to move forward. A turning point on how to step it up and adopt. I reckon that this is another challenge to fine tune my craft. I know there's a lot in my plate to digest, and I  feel that force of what I am capable of. It's only a matter of time, I  told myself, and it's there for the taking. Another year has passed and I look back at the road I've been on. I would think of the ways I could have done better. I turned around again and look at the new road in front of me. Yes, this is where I am now and that's the road I am taking next. Then I took the first step.