Monday, March 24, 2008

The Wizard

Oil on 12x16 canvas. I am big fan of the "The Lord of the Ring" and it's sequels ,and I thought painting Gandalf, played by Ian Mckellen, would be interesting. I painted this one from a photo in an official movie guide book. It's interesting and challenging to experiment a dim lit subject like this. This got inspired by an artwork by Nathan Fowkes' that is hanging in one of the walls at LAAFA and thought of doing something similar to that. I tried hard to lessen blending tones and make the brushstrokes more define and mostly leave as it is to get that painterly effect. I did this for about 5 hrs. I'm quite happy of the outcome. Just a wishfull thinking: Old and Wise Wizard, cast a spell on me that I may paint great portraits and that these "little precious" paintings may be adored all through the ages.
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