Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quick Sketches #2

Ink on 9x12" paper. Generally, I feel guilty if I don't do any progress in my craft. I don't know how I got that psyche, but it's like a voice over my shoulder trying to always push me to do some production. However, when I indulge myself into it I don't feel like doing anything else other than creating art, even if it is equally important for that day like doing errands, bills, returning books to the library, changing my engine oil, and some other stuff that make up my day by day activities to live in this planet. I even get lazy to eat anything. I could stay in the room forever! And at the end of the day, I get trip of euphoria to have accomplished something significant when I hit the bed. I personally don't see that wierd. The operative word is passion. I know some folks who could relate to this behavior. I got 3 strong words for us newbies: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.