Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quick Sketches #3

Red Ink on 9x12" Paper. I used the marker given to me by a co-worker, who thought about me when she found a stock of it in her cluttter one day. Talk about one's trash could be of some use for others. I know she will be glad to see these sketches; thanks Ms. Lanier J. Actually, I got another stock of pencils, markers, and pastels in one big tray from Ms. Tanya B - thanks to you, too.
These sketches are products of two days of quick sketches. I got a little momentum so I thought of doing straight ink on paper. Among these sketches, I like the top most- it takes a few curve lines to define the action. I did these sketches on an average of 3 minutes each. It's funny to realize how you could do so much in a little time when you're on a roll. However, I still don't get it on why is it a big deal to be able to do such skill -- the faster, the better. In music, my mentor always have to remind me to go slow when learning a new piece--that I dig.