Friday, July 17, 2009

Salah - The Righteous

Graphite on 9x12" Canson paper. He's the brother from Egypt that I never had. Never compromising, he always stands for what he believe is right, regardless. Always ready to lend a helping hand at any time, no matter what it takes. He's surely living up to his name -the righteous. A very pious man who has read the Bible from cover to cover more than many times than anybody I know. He's excited to be the Godfather of my first baby due on September. That would make us both next to being real brothers. The guy is a good man, what else can I say?
I would have to look at Seiler's works as reference for me to come with something on my own. I'm kinda having fun doing this funny faces of friends, it's relaxing though still challenging. My works hasn't gone that exhageratingly interesting or stirringly funny, not as Seiler as yet. I am still testing the water and see where will it take me.