Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Darrel CJ

Graphite on 9x12" Canson paper. We call him the "walking google", known for his intelligence and quick wit. A real nice guy, team player, hard worker, but a little wierd, at times. Either you would see him reading a book in a corner or doodling cartoons with his fast hand --he could be a great cartoonist/writer. He's aspiring to be a nurse someday; I think he has the knack for caring sick people.
I still continue on experimenting drawing funny faces from photos. After doing a number of them, I find it a bit challenging now on trying to catch each of their distinct likeness, no matter how exaggerated their features are. Although they're all my boys from work and I am pretty much acquainted with them, I reckon that this drawing process is still a hit and miss. Perhaps, if I repeatedly work on them I would somehow get the result I have been looking for. I might have to call these works "a study". When I went through Seiler's and I see some of his subjects he repeatedly worked on different poses and perspectives, it amazes me how he masterly keep it interesting and funny with their likeness intact. He may have exaggerated a facial feature, like the lips or a nose, and it would still look who they really are. I mean, man, how does he do that?!