Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guitar Picking-Bluegrass Singing-Never Grow Up Boy

Graphite on 5.5 x 9.5 paper. Del McCoury, bigtime-longtime bluegrass singer. I have his "Chairman of the "Board" album, one of my fav music. I discover listening to him when I first heard them on the movie, Father Where Art Thou?" Lately, as always the case, for the fact that I get to do a lot of artworks and posted them, I have been neglecting, or delaying, some stuff that I ought to do in life. Basic stuff to get my life going, such as paying bills, doing errands, mowing my lawn, cleaning up, washing my truck, and others. I am selfishly indulging myself to do more art more than anything else. That's another main reason why I never wanted to have x-box and games-- it will just ruin my priority. I got myself an Intuous 3 that I barely use because it takes so much work on familiarizing with the tablet, and my hand and eye coordination is so messed up.