Sunday, October 12, 2014

#976 study

Caricature in pastel. 11x14 toned paper. 

I first saw this oil pan pastel on a demo did by a big time New York artist David Kassan through youtube. It's like a one of those women's face powder they apply on their face. It's a pastel similar to those sticks that has been around for years only in a powder form but not as dusty but it sticks to almost any paper. It is applied by a pallete knife, not like an ordinary knife but a one that is specially made for this type with an foam applicator on the tip. You know when some artist uses a knife all to the finish? Same concept! 
You might not guess it right off the bat, but can you see a Harry Connick Jr on this drawing? It was a very un-Harry picture that I copied to begin with, that's why I picked it  up for the challenge.