Friday, January 23, 2015

#995 Gut-fielding Greg

Quick sketch on graphite. White paper. 5x4 inches.
With a new energy and a new motivation on this new year I'm turning my art to a new chapter. I have this feeling that I have to crank it up to a new level. More direction, more boldness, more quality, and more volume as to quantity. It's quite ambitious but I just have to "gut it out the field" and take it to the endzone. There is this new phrase that I discovered from a podcast of artist Alyson Standfield,, and it will be my main theme: "Do it so good that you won't doubt it anymore". 
This character is Greg Gutfeld's of The Five, a Fox News political talk show. I love his way of writing his monologues -gutsy, straight to the point, yet entertaining.   I'll be doing more of these studies of Greg, perhaps on a different medium, just to explore more of what I can do.