Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#1k8 JT

Charcoal on 18x20 inches of newsprint.
When I was growing up I was catching up the last leg of the folk scare era and James Taylor was one of the musicians who influenced me. It made me pick up a guitar and learn how to play his songs. 

Anyway, I tried to get a little crazy with exaggerating features of JT to spice it up a little bit. I tried to do some thumbnails first to serve as a draft and to explore ideas. Then I came up with this.
I think thumbnails are valuable tools when you have to explore and find out how you want your artwork to appear. It's like working on a rough draft of your letter. Thumbnails are meant to be small in sizes, no details yet, just trying to get an overall look on how you would like your artwork to appear. For a portrait or caricature, a 4x3 inches from the top of the head down to the bust works perfect for me.