Monday, August 18, 2008

Daniel Grayling Fogelberg

Chalk Pastel on 11x14 Bristol Vellum. Dan Fogelberg for short, is my all time favorite singer-songwriter. Born with an inborn talent in music and art where he got from his father, Dan's ambivalent character made him explore between different worlds-- music, art, and theater (not everybody knows he did took formal lessons on acting). Anyway, in music where he finds his heart, his lyrics are deep and poetic that it intrigued me to seek for its deeper meaning by reading them over and over; his melodic songs are mostly moody that fits perfectly together to his contemplative lyrics. With his angelic, yet husky, voice that sounds more like of a yearning and weeping cherub, his songs are very revealing of the mysterties of his soul and his life. "I was raised by a river, weaned upon the sky. And in the mirror of the waters I saw myself learn to cry."--from The River. But what struck me most is the line: "...his hands were meant for different work but his heart was known to none" --from the Leader of the Band. It sounded more like his words relate to me and my predicament of being so ambivalent of what I really want to do with life. Sadly the stage curtains has fallen that at 6 am of December 16,2007 Dan died peacefully of prostate cancer, with his wife beside him, in his home at Maine.