Wednesday, August 13, 2008

James Taylor

Chalk pastel on 9x12 Mi-Teintes paper. During the years of the "folk scare" in the 70s a lot of talented singers/songwriters emerged, famed, and were loved worldwide. Although I got to know them later on the mid-80s, I was motivated to learn how to play guitar and sing folk songs as most of my older friends were solo singers and band members doing gigs in clubs and parties. I was the youngest in that circle of freinds; just hanging out with them, listening and trying to jam whenever I could. We had this big big space in the house that I always invite them to bring their instruments, including their drums,and do their daily practice. Those were the years of my first exposure to music, and definitely one of the fondest memories! I always like the style of James Taylor and love all his songs. Every now and then I tried to search for some of his new and unfamiliar old songs; it feels fresh and less commercialized. The song "Hard Times Come Again No More" is one of my favorite new songs (actually a revival) of JT.