Monday, August 18, 2008

Gil Shaham

Chalk Pastel on 11x14 Bristol Vellum. One of the Classical violin virtuoso giants of this generation is Gil Shaham. Young, talented, and a very lucky one to have been discovered when other person's misfortune turned out to be his big chance of a lifetime. When the Great Itzahk Perlman was unable to perform for the night's concert because of an ear infection, they had Gil Shaham to replace him and do his concert, and (voila!) the celestial planets aligned to his coordinates and the North Star shone upon him, Mr. Shaham turned out an instant celebrity. Talk about being flat out ready when the BIG opportunity comes. Now he reaps fame, awards, concert tours, and recordings. He is on top of his game!
I have to listen to his recordings while doing this artwork to put me in the right mood, and I just love the ride.