Monday, December 15, 2008


Graphite on 9x12 paper. France Belleville's drawing on Leroy Skalstad inspired me to draw Clint Eastwood as I try to emulate her superb style of drawing. Try clicking her name in my "Fav Links" column and you'll understand what I am talking about. As masterfully as she did on Skalstad drawing, it takes only a few strokes (or lines) to come up such a masterpiece. As compare to my version above, I ended up doing a lot of doodles with a lot of guessing on my strokes. I can't seem to come up with lines that are only essential. It's my first attempt, anyway, I can forgive myself with that. It takes practice. I reckon why France draws anything she sees, from people to dogs, reciepts, cars, pens, bags, fans, etcetera. She has trained her eyes to see what she wanted to draw.