Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mike H

Garphite on 9x12" Canson paper. My boy from Texas. At work, somehow he always get his way around the system to his advantage: "Can you cover me at 5? I have to pick up my girl from the hospital; it's an emergency." He carries himself with confidence with a certain cocky attitude. He picks up his charm when surrounded with lady nurses specially at ICU, not bad for a young kid. He'd be screaming his heart out inside, but still wearing that poker face outside. He would share to us what happened.
In every funny face that I do, I believe that for as long as I get the eyes down, that's more or less a home run; I can play with any degree of exaggeration on the rest of the features. In Mike's case, I got his cheeks, brow ridges, and his pearly teeth at play to an excess. I see the resemblance more or less, but not quite satisfied.