Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Charcoal on 14x17 vellum bristol. The first drawing on top was done from a live model; the rest was done from photos. The focal point of drawing #1 is the left shoulder and the left pectoralis as the light dramatically hits the top left side of the model. I tried to carry-on applying the technique to drawing #2 and 3, but somehow it didn't look right. I tried to concentrate on the lighting/point of interest on these drawings. Nevertheless, I thought that the renditions on these three lack the finese in execution and mastery on the concept of lighting. Rick explained, that drawing is like problem solving; it's not like the answers are right there on what the artist see, but it is how he execute it and decide where he want the point of interest is, in order to communicate with his artwork effectively and expressively. Not everything that the artist see in the model is best to put it all in drawing, otherwise it will create cluster of focus. Decide on what information you want to put in your drawing and communicate with it by rendering that info in a simple and clear manner. By squinting one can see almost immediately the obvious info from the model and try to capture that in the drawing.