Monday, November 12, 2007

Charcoal on 14x17 vellum bristol. It has been our 4th week and I like the progress I am making. With Rick's supervision, I was able to plan this project carefully. After the meticulous measurements and finish my linear form, I applied the powder to cover the background, then thought about the hierarchy of focus of my drawing. Initially, he suggested that the head should be first, shoulder and right arm as second, left arm as third and torso, fourth. It turned out that I like better for the right shoulder and arm as first, the torso as second, head as third, then left arm as fourth. Although there is something in the farther side of the small back, but when squinting it seem to diffuse with the shadow adjacent to it, and so I have to darken that side. I have to darken the other side of the torso to a medium tone to give emphasis on the right side to pop out more towards the light and the viewer. The end part of the hair diffused with the shadows too justified by squinting to it, and to suggest the face turning towards the viewer. The right forearm, obviously has to diffuse since it is receding towards the back. I kept the legs in half tone to maintain the hierarchy. A little highlights on the left foot suggest that the foot itself is there. I have to be careful of not to give more detail on the drapery on the back of the subject so as not to cause distraction. I love what I did with the hair. It took me awhile before deciding to let go of my drawing. Then I sprayed it with a fixative. I still have a long way to go as my projects at this point still lack of lot of stuff to consider comparative to the masters. However, I know it's going to get there; it is just a matter of time.