Monday, November 19, 2007

Last summer's bliss

Conti on 18x24 newsprint. I signed-in at LAAFA last summer, and these are the artworks I've done from short poses of 3 and 5 mins, I believe. It was the first time I have ever done with a live model. Looking back, I guess my practice from copying poses from books paid off. Capturing the model's gesture is always a challenge. A mix of visual and conceptual drawing also helped me in this exercise. A bit of exageration emphasized the gesture. Enveloping first before doing anything is one biggy in constructing figures.
It's true when the great thinkers declared, that for whatever one has done in the past will always lead him to where he is in the present. There is no such thing as happening by accident or circumstantial. In the past, I have been drawing unmindedly, but I never knew it will eventually lead me into where I am now.