Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Oil on 8x9 board canvas. Above work was a 3-hour pose of Michael, one of the regulars at LAAFA. With this one, it felt like I know what I am doing except that I need to get used to getting everything right in a limited time that I could have done it only through so much of practice. Most of my early works I did in this class were just haywired, unfinished and looked terrible. The difference of what I did this time is to have a clear plan, a more concrete understanding of the visual concept, and that is, in respect to composition, tone, and light. The rendition as a whole was a bit off and awkward, but I did beat the time. The most important of this stage is, I was able to come up with a clear rendition of the play of light on the subject by starting with a clear visual concept. Form is easy to remedy. The following work is a retouched mainly on form. It's a lot better now.