Monday, April 14, 2008

Study of a woman's back

Graphite on 14x17 Canson paper. When I did this drawing, I thought of planes, tones, lights and perspective to form my subject. It's the same way when painting, painters don't outline their subject all through out like using a pencil. This reminds me when I look at sketches of the masters, I noticed that the way they draw is not much of outlining; they form their subjects by rendering tones and thinking planes. Try exploring it your way and see how you like it.
I remember reading somewhere, that for an artist, it is not always good to be well versed in anatomy, lest that so much knowledge acquired will get drawing figures too technical. Moreover, artist should only draw what they see and not what they know. On the other hand, some artists are saying that you can't see and draw what you don't know. Hmmm, both sides have a point. I always get in between conflicting theories like this.