Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Studio

This is where it all began: where the brain synapses germinates into an idea, to a visual concept, to an inspiration, to an execution, and then to an artwork. This is the working room, my studio. I got some of my works posted up on the walls. I love to stare at them and find flaws-there's always be something. I love to have my fav books within reach whenever I need it, that is why there's a bookshelf in that corner. My guitar and other instruments are my refuge if I have to take a breather, so I always like them in my studio. I love music so much that when I am busy with my artwork I always have the music on. There won't be a moment of silence 'coz music is like the air I breath; take it away, I can't keep my concentration--I'm dead. When I'm slacking, I try to perk myself at the treadmill to juice me up for the day's task. I try to have everything I need in this room so I won't have to leave. I could stay inside for days, weeks, months, perhaps, years without the sun. Different folks, different strokes; just as a mechanic would bury his greasy hands and head under the hood all day long and he'd still be happy to give you a wink.