Thursday, August 13, 2009

Parade of Oddities

Technical Pencil on 5.5x12" Strathmore paper. I drew and processed these two artworks in a number odd ways: first of all, I was not using the usual pencil. I didn't have my graphites with me and I just got to use whatever I can grab out of necessity for some odd reason. The techincal pencil was a token of consolation for the time and effort rendered at my jury service, which is another oddity. The paper size is not even ideal as its width is too narrow, its lenght is too long. Anyway, on top is Ramiro M and above is Mike H., both are my boys from work. I am in a mission of trying to draw the whole department as much as possible. Why? Another question which I don't have an answer. In addition, the part that I am most excited about, I am experimenting with my new Canon XSi camera and the Adobe Photoshop Element 6. It's real cool. When I shoot these two artworks, after attempting too many times to my satisfaction, I thought of disabling the flash, but the result was yellowish; with APE 6, I clicked on "Auto Color" and, the photo switch instantly to its normal white (I thought that I should write this down so I will just have to read it in case I forget). Then another one for the parade, somehow this pc was having a hard time of browsing these particular files that I could not post, and by shear flawless-ingenuous thought process as normally my brain would react in a distress situation (pardon my modesty), I thought of just dragging the images from the photoshop album to another file of a different window where I'm used to exracting photos for posting. Voila! The result was a success, and here are the two artworks in their crisp and clear images! I will definitely do these studies again in graphite and in more finesse strokes. Lesson learned (let's just pretend): let persistence finds its own way of getting things done no matter how much odds are up.