Monday, August 3, 2009

Rick T

Graphite in 9x12" Strathmore paper. "I like 'em thick, dawg!", as he would usually say refering to his favorite subject of conversation -- FBG (fat bottom girls). Since then on, it has become an expression of humor through out the department. To tell you the truth, as "thick" as he is himself, he was the sneaky one who came out from behind the race in the 6-month weight challenge we had, and ran pass me to claim victory. He lost 37 pounds; I had 31. I got to give him props for that! The lesson I learned: never join any weight lost challenge if you're not fat enough to lose a lot of weigth. At the end part of the challenge, for no matter what I do, I platuea-ed and lost no more weight; I never thought that I have reached my bottom already at 151 pounds!
I find this drawing quite easy and fast. It's not that bad.