Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In The Crossroads

Graphite on 5.5x8.5 ins. paper. The artwork is copied from Seiler's. I'm sure you recognize the picture. All he did was defend the country from terrorists and put Americans safe, yet he turned out to be the most accused, smeared, belied, ridiculed, and misunderstood president by his political opponents. If you think he's the worse, look at what our present president is doing to our country and to our future generations. All the talking points from giving the captured enemy combatants constitutional rights; to vilifying and punishing private businesses and Capitalism; to bowing and apologizing to other nations, and blaming America for its past actions; to dividing (not leading) and bribing our Congress, to spending taxpayers money in unprecedented monstrosity, to widening entitlements we never asked, and to forcing and jamming in passing into law an unpopular healthcare bill cooked in the dark where nobody has read it nor will have voted "yes" (even among Dems) on its final stage. Bush has kept war at a distance from us, but Obama is "waging war" ,not only with the GOP but also with the people within us, with his socialist and radical policies wherein our fundamental freedom and rights are being treathened, and with our Republic being forced to change in unprecedented scale in the name of false "CHANGE" and "HOPE" for power and control. At this time of writing, Pelosi is twisting arms of the "blue dogs" trying to solicit votes for the Obamacare (and she's running out of time), while the Congress phonelines are jammed with calls of discontent and anger; and thousands and thousands of people are staging a huge rally outside the building demanding to kill this unpopular healthcare bill --"Kill Bill", not the movie, but in reality. And since they couldn't get enough vote they'll use the "Slaughter Rule" which will deem, meaning pretend, of passing the bill not requiring a vote, and giving it to the Prez for signing into law. Like I said, not only have they NOT read the bill, they will NOT have to vote for it as well to sign it into law --talk about corruption in broad day light, the "Chicago way".